Anal Fissure Management


Surgery by Anal Fissure Management is the gold standard for curing anal fissures.  Anal fissures are cracks or
tears in the anus and anal canal and may be acute or chronic. The primary symptom of anal fissures is pain
during and following bowel movements.  Bleeding, itching, and a malodorous discharge also may occur. 
Anal fissures are diagnosed and evaluated by visual inspection of the anus and anal canal. On some occasions,
endoscopy and, less commonly, gastrointestinal x-rays may be necessary.

Anal Fissure Management is usually very rapidly effective and relieves the pain within a day in 98% of cases.
About one in five people find that they cannot hold on to wind for as long as they could before. Botox injections into the internal anal sphincter is the new gold standard for curing anal fissures.  This sufficiently relaxes the involuntary sphincter muscle to allow tears in the anal margin to heal.

The operation usually takes place on the day of admission and patients go home either on the same day or
on the following day. 

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